#MyBagMyStory Episode 1

In the next 10 weeks, Poupée de Papier is going to interview 10 different girls around the globe on their perspective towards travel, career, empowerment and beauty! Here we believe that nothing is more beautiful than a woman being comfortable in her own skin - her perfect imperfection. We love differences, and we add that into our designs - colourful, vivid and full of character. Join us today by hash-tagging your Poupée de Papier handbag(s) with #myBagmyStory

Episode 1: Miss Cheryl - Fashion Worker
Miss Cheryl was living in London for 10 years. She was a fashion marketing student, and she concludes her fondness for our brand with one sentence: "What I am really looking for, is something that represents ME, MY STYLE & MY STORY." Watch her endorsement here - 

Poupée de Papier: #myBagmyStory ♥

Posted by Poupée de Papier on Friday, May 29, 2015


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