#MyBagMyStory Episode 2

In the next 10 weeks, Poupée de Papier is going to interview 10 different girls around the globe on their perspective towards travel, career, empowerment and beauty! Here in Poupée de Papier, we believe that beauty comes in a large variety of forms, just like us, we are all different but we are all beautiful.

This is also the philosophy behind our label, each and every colour represents the uniqueness of people, and they each bloom in their own way. Join us today to celebrate the beauty of being different! Hash-tagging your Poupée de Papier handbag(s) with #myBagmyStory

Episode 2: Miss Zola - Silk Floral Artist
Miss Zola is probably one of the best silk floral artists in Hong Kong. In this episode, she shares with us the reason why she is so dedicated to silk flower arrangement, and her perspective on beauty. She concluded the interview with a founding statement, "Because, I define my own beauty." Watch the clip here - 

#MyBagMyStory: Episode 2 - Zola Cheung

#MyBagMyStory Episode 2: Miss Zola Cheung <3She is probably one of the best silk flower artists in Hong Kong. Watch this clip to discover her views on beauty and self empowerment, "I define my own beauty."www.paperdoll.fr

Posted by Poupée de Papier on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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