Fresh takes on Moscow, Russia.

Some years ago, you probably would still prefer travelling to Russia with agencies. However, major spots like Moscow has now become much more tourist-friendly. Here, we have tailor-made you some tips for your upcoming trip to this stunning country!


Tag: Lala Stunner Collection, Amour - Bright Red


 And by the way, this is taken in the GUM department store in Moscow (outside of it shown in the cover photo of this blog). 


Tag: Cest le Toté Collection, Dark Olive

 Tag: Lala Stunner Collection, Amour - Bright Red


Photo credits: Arsenii Markov 
(except for the first and the last photos; they are humbly chosen from the author's album)

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Lala Stunner Collection, Amour - Bright Red:


 Cest le Toté Collection, Dark Olive:



Moscow is just as beautiful even in rainy days. It's really worth a go!

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