Are you content?

'Sometimes I pretend to be normal- but it gets boring so I get back to being me' (Unknown)


Just some days ago, one of my friend asked if we should get prepared for autumn and winter. 'Of course, we should.' I said to him and carried on with some talks on my own philosophy of getting nice big coats.  

My friends are too fans of coats and so they became pretty excited volunteering the places we may go to and brands we may go for. I thought to myself, though, why are we getting all fascinated just by the usual, if not dull, colours of fall and winter?



Black and 

the grey.


I am not content.


One should find her own colour and be loyal to it. If the fallen leaves of autumn and perhaps the freezing snowflakes of winter have so nicely painted the backdrop for us, why don't we bring some colours (or rather, 'my colour') to the stage?

We can too be like Paulina for she is not bound by the cold wilderness on the street in Poland- instead, she made use of it as her twigs displaying her flowery addition in her outfit.



It's not only a type of street style- in fact, it's also about the vibes and the movements your very own colour may bring you.  

Yes, we celebrate that.


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