Why do you get dressed?

So I was reading Hadley's column on The Guardian and I thought I may as well share with you some of her ideas here.

'I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the vast majority of women’s style decisions are made for themselves, not for the benefit of the opposite sex' (Hadley Freeman)


To be honest with you, I too had doubts as I read this line: are some (or are you) aware of this? In Hadley's article, she presented a nice checklist for us. If you did these, do ask yourself why.

Painting their nails or not painting their nails 
Being thin or not being thin
Wearing high heels or not wearing high heels
Wearing makeup or not wearing makeup
Wearing dresses or wearing jeans
Cutting their hair short or keeping it long
Caring about fashion
Getting drunk
Having opinions
Disagreeing with you
Existing on this planet


While we understand why girls would get so well-dressed for a nice date with their guys, we should also let them know that they do not necessarily have to do that to just please someone. No one has to answer to someone else in the way they dress themselves. 

Instead, we should we celebrate diversity in women's own choice. Just like how our friend Paulina carries the contrasting tones of black and purple in her outfit! 

It's independence and attitude we see in her. Don't you want to stay gorgeous just to be yourself?


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