About Us

Poupée de Papier, the name meaning 'Paper Doll' in English, is a women's handbag label from Hong Kong founded in 2015, by Vriko Séraphina Kwok. Poupée de Papier celebrates a fun and colourful life style, and aspires to provide young women across the world with affordable luxury - Fine leather quality, hand stitches and unique colours, all comes in an attainable price.

We currently run only online store. We also have a design studio in Paris & Shanghai, as well as a logistic office in Hong Kong.

Our Design & Philosophy

Our founder and creative director Vriko Séraphia Kwok is born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada. She later pursued higher education in Norway and started this label. Other than being a multi-entrepreneur, Vriko is a TEDx speaker and a world traveller that has been to over 50 countries. Our colourful design is the reflection of her travel stories, and our celebration for a fun and colourful life style.

For the latest updates, visit:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/poupeedepapier
Instagram: www.instagram.com/poupeedepapier
Email: info@paperdoll.fr


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